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Down Periscope Dublado 1996 Dual Audio | Added By Users




!+1 #ubuntu-1 is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu for all other Ubuntu-related support questions. Thanks! fyrmedic: bah !search rt Found: dhcp !rt The RT kernel is the Ubuntu kernel with a realtime preemption patch applied. It is included in Ubuntu Studio by default. For more information please see: or not DaHopi: I wont ban your nick if you dont ask in #ubuntu-offtopic or #xchat, but keep the line for your own use DaHopi: is it possible to take the log of a dvd+rw with a networked disc as the target? DaHopi: I want to be able to drag files between the disc and the net sure.. but you have to burn it.. is not similar the dd command if you want copy from dvd+rw to net dvd.. dd.. and you can use dd command to copy from one usb to another usb.. !dd Sorry, I don't know anything about dd hehe !info dd Package dd does not exist in hardy :( So the dd command is the only way? jussi01: what command would I use to copy a disc to a local directory? fyrmedic: im not sure of a way other than dd rsync is very good for remote source backup Thanks, DaHopi or if you have a server with usb port.. you can create a image and upload it to the server.. for backup or even a local image




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Down Periscope Dublado 1996 Dual Audio | Added By Users

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